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Chattanooga Magazine - Grains & Grits Festival Plans to Elevate Culinary Experience

Posted in Activities, All News, Bistro, Events on Oct 26, 2018

“The chefs participating in this year’s festival are passionate about the whiskey, our region and the culture and their cuisine will be representative of this,” said Cooper. “Whiskey is great for drinking, but the chefs will show how whiskey has broader applications and can also be used for cooking.” Shelley Cooper, Executive Chef of the Appalachian Bistro, is featured in an article titled "Grains & Grits Festival Plans to Elevate Culinary Experience" for Chattanooga Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the Oct. 2018 article sharing the festival's new additions and culinary elevation: Executive Chef Shelley Cooper, a participant in the Grains & Grits Festival since its inception, is leading this year’s culinary component of the event. She finds that showcasing the ability of chefs in the region provides a new perspective.

The Wall Street Journal - Food & Drink: 'America’s Most Satisfying Salad'

Posted in All News, Bistro, Recipes on Oct 18, 2018

Chef Shelley Cooper is quoted by The Wall Street Journal's Food & Drink section for an article titled "America's Most Satisfying Salad." Here is an excerpt from the Sept. 2018 article by Louisa Shafia about Kilt greens, the Appalachian salad doused with delicious bacon fat: "Also known as killed lettuce, this unabashedly indulgent sort of salad hails from Appalachia. 'It’s a warm bacon salad, or wilted greens,' said Shelley Cooper, the chef at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro in East Tennessee. 'It’s just we call it kilt.'"

Try the Blackberry Farm Private Selection at Dancing Bear Lodge Bar at the Bear

Posted in All News, Bistro on Sep 24, 2018

The next time you join us for dinner at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro or drinks at Townsend’s only full bar, Bar at the Bear, consider asking your bartender to sample one of the delicious beverages brewed and bottled by our friends at the East Tennessee Brewery for Blackberry Farm, eight miles away from us in Walland TN.

Blackberry FarmThe Bar at the Bear currently carries a BlackBerry Farms Private Selection that includes the BlackBerry Farms Belgium Abby Quad, the BlackBerry Farms Brett 18 Sasion, and the light golden BlackBerry Farms Tennessee Cream Ale.

BeerAdvocate described the Blackberry Farms Belgi...

Watermelon and Charred Okra Salad with Warm Sorghum Vinaigrette (Yields 4 Salads)

Posted in All News, Bistro, Recipes on Aug 14, 2018


8 small okra cut in half length ways
1.5 cup deseeded and cubed (bite sized) watermelon
2 cups cleaned mixed greens ( spinach, arugula, chard, frisee)
1 small red onion sliced very thin
1 tbs feta cheese crumbled
2 tbs sorghum
2 tbs red wine vinegar
4 tbs virgin olive oil


Divide greens among 4 plates.
In a dry hot cast iron skillet char okra cut side down.

Remove okra from skillet, remove skillet from heat and add oil, onions, sorghum and vinegar and wilt.

Place watermelon, okra, feta over greens then drizzle warm dressing from the skillet.

Season with flaky sea salt and black...

Cooking Channel Features The Bistro on Southern and Hungry

Posted in All News, Bistro on Aug 07, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the official air date of Cooking Channel’s Southern and Hungry featuring Smoky Mountain cuisine, including creations from Dancing Bear Lodge & Appalachian Bistro. Season 2, episode 3 continues Damaris Philips’ and Rutledge Wood’s tour of great cuisine in and around Knoxville, Tennessee.

The episode is set to premiere Monday, August 20, 2018, at 9 pm Eastern (8 Central). It features three top Knoxville, TN restaurants, including our very own Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, located just a short drive from the city in picturesque Townsend, TN.

“(Knoxville is) a city t...

Dancing Bear Exploring Vegan Cuisine at a Special July 21st Wine Dinner

Posted in All News, Bistro, Events on Jul 05, 2018

Vegan Cuisine the focus of a Special Wine Dinner on July 21

Vegan Wine Dinner Townsend TN“Going Vegan” did not come easily to Rachel Oldham and Dana Sorenson, featured Chefs for the Vegan Wine Dinner set for Saturday, July 21st at Dancing Bear Lodge & Appalachian Bistro. Klinker Brick Vegan Winery out of Lodi, California will complement their cooking with wines notably absent of any animal byproduct. The cost is $75 pp. 

“As much as I wish I could say Dana and I have been vegan our whole lives, this is not the case,” Oldham said. “I initially went pescatarian (no chicken or red meat, just fish) when I was 17, and over th...

The Smokehouse: An Appalachian Tradition

Posted in All News, Bistro on Jun 12, 2018

We’ve added an old-fashioned Smokehouse to add a delicious smoky flavor to dishes on the menu like Chef Shelley’s pork osso bucco, whole duck, salmon, and pork shoulder. You’ve gotta have dinner at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro just to taste it for yourself!

dancing bear appalachian smokehouseIt took Jean-Paul Borrouso about 10 days to build the Smokehouse for us out of a combination of cinder blocks and black walnut recycled from when we added the new villas last year, along with cedar shingles from Anderson Lumber of Maryville, steel cooking grates made locally by Keith Shepherd, and concrete, rebar, hardware, and trimming ...

Crab-Stuffed Mountain Trout with Preserved Lemon, Corn and Lobster Succotash

Posted in All News, Bistro, Recipes on Nov 06, 2017

Bring water to a boil in a medium-size pot. Add the whole lemons and cook for 5 minutes. Discard water. Cut lemon into paper-thin slices. Bring vinegar, salt, sugar and pickling spice to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes. Transfer lemons and all liquids to a jar with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate. In a large sauté pan, melt bacon grease. Add onions and cook until translucent. Add corn, black-eyed peas, lobster and peppers, and cook over high heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Turn off heat and add Pernod, salt and pepper.

Travel Channel Features The Bistro on Food Paradise

Posted in All News, Bistro on Oct 26, 2017

We are thrilled to announce the official air date of the Travel Channel’s upcoming episode of Food Paradise, featuring Dancing Bear Lodge & Appalachian Bistro. The episode, “Hotel Hot Spots” will premiere on Sunday, November 5th at 8:00 pm EST on DIRECTV Channel 277, DISH Channel 196, and Comcast HD Channel 1488 & non-HD Channel 61.

Based on the restaurant’s rave reviews, the Travel Channel contacted Dancing Bear several months ago about featuring The Bistro in their hit series which focuses on, “must-see food spots across the country that offer unique dining experiences.” On June 2nd, they ar...

Locally Sourced Ingredients: The Appalachian Way

Posted in All News, Bistro, Recipes on Sep 01, 2017

At Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, we strive to create uniquely memorable Appalachian cuisine that not only tastes amazing but also, “feeds the soul.” When you dine with us, you’ll be taken on a culinary adventure that is complemented by the beauty and naturally relaxing ambiance of the Great Smoky Mountains, at every turn.

Staying true to her Appalachian roots, Executive Chef Shelley Cooper takes great care and when sourcing the ingredients she uses in her continually evolving, innovative dishes, in order to provide only the freshest and highest quality products available. Dancing Bear garden

Some of these ing...

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